Program Goals


To improve high school graduation rates and college entry rates for disadvantaged youth and to reduce gangs and juvenile delinquency.  Our objectives for achieving these goals are to:

  • Provide a sports program that creates excellent student-athletes whose skills are seen and recognize by college scouts
  • Improve student academic performance to increase their chances of enrolling in top colleges and universities
  • Offer positive role-modeling to help student-athletes to build the character and positive habits necessary to succeed in college and keep them out of trouble
  • Help students to feel with behavioral, emotional and societal problems that cause them to misbehave and lead them a path to crime or financial distress
  • Give youth a diverse and enriching experience that helps them to see beyond their circumstances


Our programs are designed to engage and motivate youth to succeed in school, in the community and at home to build skills and self-esteem.

Middle School – Learn to Fly, Become a HAWK

Reach kids who need help now and an opportunity for the future.  the HAWKS main program is a competitive programs, which means that youth without basketball skills are not able to become part of our main basketball programs unless they can play the game and/or they are looking for a recreational sports program.  This program was developed to provide a chance for kids who could benefit from athletics but needed skills investments who would not otherwise have even looked for a sports program.  We recruit kids who have issues such as behavioral and academic problems, kids who lack supervision, those who could not afford to play sports and those who never even considered playing sports to participate in this program.

We provide basketball clinics to teach the kids basketball skills.  The quality coaching we provide to these youth actually enables them to become competitive enough to play in our main program and later in their own high schools, which provides them with tremendous opportunities for college.  Development teams are formed of those kids who show interest and these teams participate in weekend tournaments.  There students who progress in their skills can move forward into the HAWKS more competitive program for older kids.  In addition to basketball skills training, the program provides life skills training, free psychotherapy sessions, tutoring and snacks.  They meet 2-3 days per week after school.

The Colorado HAWKS program typically serves about 300 at-riskk kids aged 9-17.  The majority of the participants are from single parent homes with 90% of them being low income; 65% are African-American, 25% are Caucasian  and 10% are Latino.

Player Support Services Program

This element of our program helps ensure academic success for the youth we serve and provides support for the youth with emotional and behavioral issues.  Coaches and leaders anchor a system that fosters academic success, by providing mentoring for each participant.

Food Provisions

We provide food assistance for families within our program.  For low-income youths in our program, getting enough food to play sports can be an extreme hardship.  Though our program, this youths are able to take home food which will help them have a balanced diet and enough calories to sustain their bodies.  The HAWKS do receive some food donations to supplement what we spend to ensure our youth have meals.

SAT/ACT Preparation and Tutoring

The HAWKS provide SAT/ACT preparation courses for youth in our program to help them improve their test taking skills as well as to help them become more confident when preparing for the standardized testing required for college acceptance.  We also provide tutoring to those who do not have access to tutoring services.

Basketball and Soccer Programs

The Colorado Hawks offer the most affordable year-round basketball and soccer programs in the Denver area.  The fourth grade through eighth grade teams play year round.  This group practices twice a week with an average of 8 games per month.  The ninth through eleventh grade teams compete in NCAA sanctioned events where college scouts are able to evaluate them from April to June.  The month of June, this age group solely interact with their high school programs.  During July, this age group embarks to national tournaments where college scouts are present again.  Our sports programs are a conduit for the Colorado HAWKS to keep our players engaged from a physical, intellectual, and emotional stand point.

The Colorado Hawks also have an International component as well, which allows our participants to interact and learn about other cultures.  We have hosted young men and women from Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, and Australia.  The experience for both the exchange students and the students within our program has been mutually beneficial.

Our soccer teams play in the Colorado Youth Soccer League which his a member of US Youth Soccer.  Team typically practice 2-3 times per week.  HAWKS soccer has a competitive league for youth who want to pursue the competitive side.  The soccer program also has developmental teams which are designed for all kids of all abilities to have an opportunity to play soccer and give them chance to later play competitively.  There are currently over 110 youth in our soccer program.