Athlete Spotlight Feb 1, 2015

Colorado Hawks 2017 6’2″ Shooting Guard Braxton Bertolette is the focal point of this Athlete Spotlight.  Braxton ended the summer playing extremely well on the adidas Gauntlet. He was recognized for his quick release and deep range.  We knew Braxton could shoot, but now Braxton has shown everyone else this aspect of his game.  He has also continued to build on his already excellent ball-handling ability.

Braxton has carried his hot shooting from the summer circuit, right into the high school season. Braxton is Fossil Ridge High School’s leading point scorer as a result of his 48 point outburst in Las Vegas. His 16 three pointers, made in a single game, put him at the top of list for the State of Colorado’s three pointers made in a game as well.  Braxton has continued to work at his craft and that work has paid off in the form of Braxton being the Colorado 5A scoring leader at 24.8 points per game.

Braxton has an offer from University of North Dakota and has picked up interest from several high-major D1 Universities like University of Colorado, Stanford University, University of Southern California, California Polytechnic State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Nevada, Mercer University, UC Davis, and Weber State University.

Get to know our Spotlight Athlete – Braxton Bertolette.
Who is the person you admire most?  The person I admire most is my dad.

What is your favorite NCAA team and NBA team?  I do not have a favorite NCAA team nor NBA team.  I just enjoy watching good players play the game I love.  I have a bunch of teams I root for because of the players that I have watched on the adidas Gauntlet or competed against in exposure events when I was younger.  I enjoy watching players I have seen and follow become successful regardless of their what team they play on.

Who is your favorite player and why?  My favorite player is Steph Curry of Damian Lillard.  I like both players because they were not considered great players coming out of high school and they worked and continue to work to positively impact the game of basketball.

What is your favorite basketball shoe? The Damian Lillard 2 is my favorite shoe.

What is your favorite subject?  My favorite subject is English.

How old are you? 17 years old.

What is your favorite food?  Tacos are my favorite food.

What do you want out of basketball?  I would like the opportunity to play basketball in college and hopefully professionally.

When did you start playing basketball?  I do not know exactly, but I do know that I had a regulation sized indoor leather basketball in my crib from the day I came home from the hospital until I outgrew it. My dad wanted me to smell and see the basketball and develop a love for the game. I’ve always had a love for the game.

Thank you Braxton for your time and continued success and development.  We know you keep working hard.

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