Colorado Basketball Community selects Colorado Hawks HS Week 2 POW

Colorado Basketball Community selects Colorado Hawks HS Week 2 POW

Thank you to everyone who participated in the selection of this week’s Colorado hawks High School Player of the Week.  The input of the Colorado Basketball Fans is extremely appreciated.

This week the basketball community has selected Zach Hidalgo (2018, 6’4″ SF) from Frontier Academy High School as this week’s Player of the Week.  Zack’s top game of the week included 22 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, and 2 steals.  Below are some questions we asked Zach, so you can become a bit more familiar with Zach.

Who is the person you admire most?  “I really admire my Dad because he sets a great example for me. I really appreciate all the sacrifices and everything he has done for me.”

What is your favorite NCAA team?   “My favorite NCAA team is The Kansas Jayhawks.”

What is your favorite NBA team?   “The Minnesota Timberwolves is my favorite NBA team.”

Who is your favorite player and why?  “My favorite NBA player all time is Earvin “Magic” Johnson. I really enjoy the way he creates opportunities for himself and his teammates. I never got to see him play but from what I have seen he has been my favorite NBA player.”

What is your favorite basketball shoe?  “My favorite basketball shoe is probably The Kobe 8.”

What’s your GPA?  “3.75”

What is your favorite subject?  “I really enjoy Chemistry.”

How old are you?  “I am 17 years old.”

What is your favorite food?  “My favorite food is Chicken Alfredo.”

What do you want out of basketball?  “I want to receive a scholarship for basketball to pay for my college. My parents have done a lot for me and this is the least I can do. I don’t care what division either just as long as I can continue my basketball career in college.”

If you could be any place in the world, where would you be?  “I would want to be somewhere in the mountains. I think is very relaxing and peaceful up there. It also has some breathtaking sights.”

Is there anything else you would like Colorado to know about you?  “And I just want to thank all my coaches for helping become the leader and player I am today.”

Thank you Zack for sharing a bit about you.  #HawksNation

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