HAWKS 15’s Wins MAYB – Colorado Springs Tournament

HAWKS 15’s Wins MAYB – Colorado Springs Tournament

Monday, June 19

MAYB 2006 – Springs “A” Championship

The HAWKS 15’s chalked up their second summer tournament win by defeating The Force White in the championship game Sunday afternoon of the MAYB Colorado Springs 9th/10th grade division. Led by a tremendous defensive effort from Terrance Smith and Terrell Thompson, the HAWKS team shut down the leading scorers from the Force while timely shooting by Luis Giles, Cameron Johnson, Isiah Kampeska and Noe Magdaleno in the second half secured the win.

In a weird twist, the HAWKS team was lucky to get into the top tournament bracket after winning a three-way coin flip. Three teams were tied at 2-1 in pool play after the Ballers (Denver) were invited to the tournament as last second replacements for a team that had to drop out. Unfortunately, the Ballers had to forfeit their first game on Friday against the Colorado Titans which couldn’t be re-scheduled(??) and after beating us and the Kansas team, they were the clear favorites to win everything. But the coin flip went our way, giving us the first seed in the pool. Since head-to-head was the next tie-breaker, the Titans won the second seed in the pool, thus sending the Ballers to the lower tournament bracket.

In bracket play on Sunday, the HAWKS beat the tall, talented Colorado Kings (Coronado HS) team in the first round in the morning. Terrance and Matt Tucker played outstanding defense on the main Kings shooters while help defense from the backcourt allowed Isaac Okoye and Terrell to contain the Kings big front line.

In the second game, the HAWKS wore down the Kansas Smashers team who only had 6 players. It was a contest of running games as both teams got up-and-down the floor and the Smashers shooters kept it close from the 3-point line. But in the end, the HAWKS reserves took advantage of their opportunities against the weary Smashers whose outside shots stopped dropping.

Congratulations to the team for a great showing!!

Team Members:

Anthony Owens
Cameron Johnson
Isaac Okoye
Isiah Kampeska
Luis Giles
Matt Tucker
Noe Magdaleno
Terrance Brockman
Terrell Thompson