HAWKS Program Wins William Thayer Tutt Award

HAWKS Program Wins William Thayer Tutt Award

September 15, 2005
HAWKS Program Wins William Thayer Tutt Award

Hawks Award
by Renée Beauregard & Jim Moore of Commulinks

William Thayer Tutt Award Winner

“The Colorado HAWKS basketball and youth mentoring program is sending at-risk kids to college. In 2005, the HAWKS received El Pomar’s William Thayer Tutt Award for Nonprofit Excellence. The award goes to an outstanding program in the category of sports and recreation.

While we know we told you about this before, we wanted to mention this achievement to you again, because this award has opened many doors for Greg Willis, director of the HAWKS. The HAWKS has been a client of CommUlinks since 2001.

CommUlinks also helped the Colorado HAWKS recently when a negative news story about an unrelated baseball program, also called the Hawks, caused a flood of inquiries to our HAWKS program. We contacted the media and sent letters to all of the HAWKS funders to help mitigate any damage and set the record straight.

Something Truly Special
The photo pictures a centerpiece CommUlinks created for the HAWKS to use at a fundraising event. The center of each flower has a picture of one of the kids in the program. Remember CommUlinks when you need “something special” to promote your organization.”


Commulink centerpiece 
“Yes, those are genuine Converse All-Stars”