HAWKS 8th Grade Team Takes Second in Pueblo Tipoff!

HAWKS 8th Grade Team Takes Second in Pueblo Tipoff!

Monday, November 22

The Pueblo Wizards won their home tournament, the Tipoff, by beating the 8th grade HAWKS team twice – once in round robin play and in the championship game. The Wizards were led by ‘part-time’ HAWK, Kameron Wilhite, who played outstanding in front of his hometown crowd in Pueblo.

The HAWKS were led by Davaughn Thornton and Isiah Kampeska in scoring but they couldn’t match the defense and outside shooting of the Wizards with Kameron and Brody Lockett doing most of the damage.

Many thanks to the parents/fans that made the trip and double thanks to Devon Aguilar and his mom, Sandy, who let the boys stay at their home on Saturday night.

HAWKS roster:

Davaughn Thornton
Devon Aguilar
Isaac Okoye
Isiah Kampeska
Julian Mills
Justin Matoke
Luis Giles
Noe Magdaleno
Terrell Thompson

Additional comments on the tourney from cohoopstracker.com:


hoopsislife / Hoop Expert / Joined: Aug 26, 2004 / Posts: 47

Post Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 3:28 am

Results from Pueblo…

The Pueblo Wizards beat the Colorado Hawks in pool play 43-35 and in the championship 45-36. Davaughn Thornton was awesome, but it wasn’t enough to fend off the scrappy Wizards who were extremely outsized. The Wizards boast one kid even close to the three big men for the Hawks and he was still giving up a couple of inches. Davaughn, Isiah Kampeska and #22 (?) all played well for the Hawks. The Wizards were lead by Kameron Wilhite who, contrary to a couple of non-believers on this site, showed off his shooting ability with some long-range threes. Coach Rennaye even put a box-and-one on him in the first game and Kameron kept his composure. Timmy Zufall, Brody Lockett and Josh Dome also played great for the Wizards.


HAWKS_RJ / Hoop Expert / Joined: Aug 31, 2004 / Posts: 28

Post Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 5:25 am

Congratulations to the Pueblo Wizards and Coach Wade for a great tournament! Led by Kameron Wilhite, the Wizards played very well in beating us twice and going undefeated in their tournament. Kameron did it all – rebounding, scoring (including some long 3’s), and running the offense while ably assisted by some opportune 3-pt shooting from his teammates, especially Brody Lockett. We were led in scoring by Davaughn and Isiah but couldn’t keep up with the Wizards who also played very good run-and-jump defense.

Coach Wade treated us very well at the tournament and we enjoyed our stay (except for the losing….). Wink Thanks again Wade.

P.S. #22 in hoopsislife’s post is Luis Giles. Also looks like congrats are in order for Mt Vista winning the Gold Crown Tipoff in Denver this weekend! Next up – CSA Thanksgiving Tipoff.


hoopsislife / Hoop Expert / Joined: Aug 26, 2004 / Posts: 47

Post Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 6:02 am

Coach Rennaye: It was great seeing you as always. Too bad I was stuck at the scoreboard for most of the tourney, I would have liked to have had the chance to talk to you a little more. You have some great kids and it is always fun to see some highly competitive teams come to Pueblo. The games reminded me of the game between us and the Hawks two years ago in the same tournament. I enjoy seeing all of the people coming out to watch an 8th grade game! Thanks for making the trip!