Mike Gordy Makes Huge Debut at 2003 Las Vegas Big Time!!

Mike Gordy Makes Huge Debut at 2003 Las Vegas Big Time!!

Wednesday, July 30

Mike Gordy Makes Huge Debut at 2003 Las Vegas Big Time!!

9th Annual Adidas Las Vegas Big Time Tournament

July 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2002

400 Teams, 5,000+ athletes, AN NCAA-Certified Event

Mike Gordy led the Colorado HAWKS White team to a top 8 finish at the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament and set a single-game scoring record in the process.


Official Statistics from the 2003 Las Vegas Adidas Big Time Tournament:


57 – * Mike Gordy, Red Shield Cohawks White (vs. Yerwood Ballers)

* New tournament record for most points scored in single game


Other Single Game Records:

Highest Winning Score: 127, CoHawks White (CO), Yerwood Ballers 66 (CT)

From http://www.socalhoops.com/03prep/0703/bigtimetourneyhighscorers072703.htm –

“More final stats from the Big Time. These speak for themselves; they are for the entire tournament, through 620 games played overall. Of course, most of these players played in more than 5 games, some as many as six, seven or eight games. Of course what this means is that a high scoring average (such as that compiled by Mike Gordy as an individual, or by the Pump N Run team) which was held for as many as 7 or 8 games is certainly remarkable, because it indicates a high-degree of consistency by a player or team that went deep into the tournament, and as anyone who knows statistics in basketball knows, it’s a lot harder to keep a high average up over time, especially against consistently tough competition.”


2003 Tournament Scoring Averages:

#5 Mike Gordy       Cohawks White 8 games 206 pts 25.75 ppg

(52nd all-time in Big Time History)

#40 Jimmy Bartolotta Cohawks Red    4 games 82 pts   20.50 ppg


2003 Tournament Scoring:

#1 Mike Gordy   CoHawks White   8 games   206 pts (7th all-time highest total)

2003 Field Goals Made:

#1 Mike Gordy   CoHawks White   76 made [5th all-time highest total)

Record field goals made by player in single game:

23 (6-6 Mike Gordy, North HS-Denver, Cohawks White (CO)

vs Yerwood Ballers (CT)

In Las Vegas the boys were very impressive and have been constantly bombarded with literature from top Division I colleges in the country.

Note, the HAWKS had 2 teams in the tourney and the Red team was made up of sophomores. They were playing in the tournament against older competition and still accomplished a .500 record (2-2). Just wait until next year!!

Congratulations to both teams for an excellent showing!

For more info, go to http://www.socalhoops.com/july03ark.htm